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Today we want to help you to organize the closet of your little ones, keep it tidy with the ideal clothes for the summer will be very helpful for the plans that are coming, such as vacations at the beach and outdoor plans with family and friends.


Start today to organize their closets, some of the tips that we give you is to make a clean and remove the clothes that your children no longer use or that no longer fit them, to leave only the clothes they use the most and have space for the new clothes you buy for them, it is important not to accumulate clothes to keep it in order more easily. 

You can think about the clothes that they like the most and that they use the most on a daily basis, to keep those special clothes, and you can donate or give away the clothes that you do not want to keep in their closets, letting someone else to wear them and give it a better use, for example, there are associations where you can go to donate clothes.

It's time to take out the summer clothes

It is important that in their closets you have clothes withcombinable colors, considered basic garments, to be able to create outfits more easily and even better, if they also have ideal prints for this summer.

Here are some options of garments that are a "must" to have in your girl's closet in different tones and trendy prints, considered cool tones for the approaching heat.


dresses in blue color

dresses in pink

We also leave you other options for the boys so you can renew their closets and prepare them for the summer, with fashionable and fresh clothes, to combine them easily.

                              boy with charanga clothes            boy with charanga clothes

Finally we show you some examples of Charanga's baby clothes for summer, it is important that if you are going to expose your babies to the sun you can have in your closet options of fresh clothes so that they are comfortable at all times.

dresses for baby

How to organize their closet 

One of the important tips to facilitate the moment of choosing the clothes for each day, is to organize the closet by colors, or similar tones, to be able to find the clothes more quickly and dress your kids without investing a lot of time in deciding the outfit at the beginning of the day.

Starting by cleaning and tidying the closets can be very useful to start keeping your whole house clean and create a pleasant atmosphere in your space inside your home, at the same time your little ones will start to have this habit of keeping their rooms tidy and clean.

foto de armario


I hope you have now useful tips on how to renew the closet of your little ones to prepare them for the arrival of summer, and you can have ready all the clothes they will use in outdoor plans, you can see the options we leave you here of Charanga, children's clothing for all ages perfect for summer and any occasion.

Boy's clothing

Girl's clothing

Baby clothes


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