How to prepare the little ones for back to school after the vacations?

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After the summer vacations and a long break, it is time to prepare the little ones for the return to school. This change can be a bit tedious for them as it involves resuming routines, schedules and responsibilities. In this blog we will give you some tips and advice to prepare them better and make BACK TO SCHOOL exciting for them.

Some of the most important tips for Back to School

1. Talk with them about going back to school:

Before school starts again, it is important to sit down with the children and talk about back to school with them. Explain that vacation is over and it's time to go back to school. Encourage them to express their emotions and concerns, and respond to their questions in a positive way.

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2. Establish a routine gradually:

During the vacations, schedules may have changed and become more flexible. To facilitate the change of routine, it is advisable to resume it gradually starting a few days before going back to school.

Considering adjusting sleep, meal and activity schedules to be closer to the usual school schedules.

3. Prepare the school material together:

A fun way to motivate them to return to school with a positive attitude is to include them in preparing for back-to-school by allowing them to participate in the purchase and organization of school supplies so they feel excited to go back to school and to use their new supplies and books. You can start by making a list of the school supplies needed to go shopping and make it a different activity, allowing them to choose the school supplies that they like and that reflect their personality.

4. Relive the good times at school:

Talk to your children about the fun and exciting times they have had at school. Remind them of the good times they have had with their friends and teachers, the interesting subjects and the achievements so far. This will remind them of the positive experiences and give them confidence to face the new school year.

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5. Organize back-to-school activities:

Plan some fun activities before back-to-school to get the kids excited. They can go on a family outing, visit a theme park, the zoo, or have an afternoon at home with boardgames. Here are some options to dress your little ones in comfortable and fashionable clothes for any plan and the back to school. These activities will help them to relax and enjoy the last days of vacation with family and friends.


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Going back to school after the vacations can be a challenge for both parents and children. However, with good communication, a gradual routine and exciting activities, we can prepare our little ones to return to school with enthusiasm and confidence. Remember that each child is unique and may require different strategies, so it is important to tailor these suggestions to each child's individual needs and according to their personality. Happy back to school!


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