Halloween snacks

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Evil ghosts come out to bewitch all the living in this place. They brew spells, potions, concoctions. They are in trouble in these parts. Children in disguise in the streets go about, carrying candy to give away.

Big scary pumpkins and skulls saying: come, I'm waiting for you!

The Halloween theme is a lot of fun. And we have prepared a list of Halloween dishes to lick your fingers... or rather eat them... yum yum yum yum!

If you're having a party at home, these dishes are ideal for the little ones to have fun, and we've added healthy snacks too!

Little ghosts pizza

The pizza can be anything you like. The pepperoni option is good because together with the tomato it makes a red base. To make the ghosts you only have to shape the mozzarella. And add black olives to make the spiders and the face of the ghosts.


Mini spiders

Give another shape to the mini pizzas. Simply put a tomato base and make the spider web shape with cheese. Add chopped black olives to make the spider shapes and you're done!


Fingers de momia

Cook the sausages a little in a frying pan. Cut a puff pastry into strips. Wrap the sausages in the puff pastry strips leaving a space for the eyes and covering the rest of the sausage like a mummy.

Bake in the oven at 180º for 20 minutes or until golden brown. 

You can use sugar for the eyes.

Add ketchup to give them a more terrifying look!


Scary burgers

Creativity knows no bounds. Look at this simple dish. Just shape the cheese into the shape of a pumpkin face and you have a Halloween-themed burger. Accompany with a bowl of ketchup and mustard to give it a spider web shape.


Scary veggies

Shape any peppers you have at home, hollow them out and put in all the veggies you can think of.

Easy, quick and healthy!


Scary dessert

Play with tangerines as if they were pumpkins. Use chocolate to put a face to all the fruit you want.



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