Going skiing with your kids this Christmas?

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The perfect season for skiing has arrived and if you are not sure what clothes to choose for snowy weather conditions, Charanga can help you. Everything you need to know about snow clothing you'll find in this post. 

Children love to play and enjoy the snow, but for them to do so without catching a cold, they need to wear the right snow clothes.

Snow clothes for kids

Snow, cold and water, contribute to colds in children, so it is convenient to know what clothes you should put on your children when they are going to be in these conditions.

It is important to wrap up warm but you should not do it excessively as it can be worse. Today in the post we recommend you the snow clothes that your children need:

clothes for kids

                                                                                              GIRL'S SWEATSHIRT 

Cotton T-shirts for the inside.

Cotton favours perspiration so a long sleeved cotton t-shirt is perfect for a snowy day.

baby shirt

                                                                                                 BABY COTTON TSHIRT

High neck t-shirts.

They are perfect for a day of skiing, as the use of scarves is not as advisable because they get wet and take a long time to dry.

Waterproof trousers.

Trousers should be able to fit around the ankles and inside the boots so that snow can't get inside and you don't end up getting your legs and feet wet.


The perfect accessory to keep their ears warm so that your little ones don't catch cold.


                                                                                                 GIRL'S HAT

Waterproof coat. 

The coat must be made of Gore-Tex type material to protect against humidity and snow.



We can't forget them, they are a priority accessory to spend a day in the snow without freezing. If you go with your children, don't forget to bring a string so they can hang them up when they finish playing and don't lose them.

Another very important piece of advice for children's equipment in the snow is sunscreen. As for the sun cream you should use, you must be very careful as children must be well protected.

Ideally, apply the cream 30 minutes beforeexposure to the sun so that it can be absorbed and be effective. It is advisable to apply every two hours, as the refraction of the rays is more dangerous in water and snow. We recommend using a factor 50 sunscreen for longer-lasting protection.

Now you know everything you need to spend a magical day with your children in the snow. We hope you find our recommendations useful and that you can enjoy a perfect day skiing with your family.


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