Divertidas manualidades para hacer con los niños durante las vacaciones

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Today on Charanga's blog we want to propose ideas of activities that you can do with your little ones during the summer days, so that they can enjoy their days off and put their creativity into practice.

We bring you a list of creative and entertaining crafts that children can do at home during vacations, and how to adapt clothes to protect them during these activities.

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Crafts at home with children

Some of the activities we propose are very simple, usually you have the material at home and they are very easy and fun ideas at the same time, allowing them to use their creativity and imagination.

It is important to mention that it is essential to supervise them when making the crafts to keep them safe.

1.      Sponge painting: Cut sponges into different shapes (stars, hearts, circles) and let the children dip them in paint to create fun patterns and designs on paper or fabric.

2.  Beaded necklaces and bracelets: Provide colorful beads and string for children to create their own unique necklaces and bracelets. This craft is great for encouraging creativity and motor coordination.


3.  Hand and Footprints: Use washable paint and large paper for children to create hand and footprints. They can turn them into animals, flowers or whatever their imagination suggests.

4.  Sock puppets: Gather old socks and craft materials such as moving eyes, buttons and fabric. Let the kids use their creativity to let them create fun sock puppets.

5. Create art with dried leaves and flowers: Go for a nature walk with your little ones and collect dried leaves and flowers. Then, kids can use these natural pieces to create collages or make prints on paper.


Crafts with recycled materials

 ·      Cardboard construction: Gather empty cardboard boxes and let kids turn them into cars, houses, airplanes or anything else they want. They can decorate them with paint, colored paper and stickers.

·         Thank you cards: Encourage children to create thank you cards for friends, family or teachers. They can use collage techniques, drawings and write special messages.

·         Paper masks: Provide construction paper, scissors and popsicle sticks for children to make their own masks. They can be animal masks, superheroes or storybook characters.

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Perfect clothes to make crafts with the little ones

On the other hand, we would like to mention that it is important for children to feel comfortable when making crafts, using comfortable and cool clothes.

Also an important reminder is to protect children's clothing during activities to avoid stains that are difficult to remove and to extend the life of the garments.

Some of the tips to take care of clothes so that they can enjoy their artistic expression to the fullest without unnecessary worries:

 a.    Art apron or smock: Provide children with art aprons or smocks to cover their clothes while doing activities that can get messy, such as painting, gluing, or working with materials such as clay or play dough.


b.    Plastic bibs: For younger children, plastic bibs are an excellent choice to protect the front of their clothes during creative activities.

c.    Towels or protective tablecloth: Place large towels or a protective tablecloth on the surface where the children will be working. This way, if there are spills or spills of materials, they can be easily cleaned up.

 d.   Disposable gloves: If children will be working with materials that can stain hands, such as inks or paints, consider providing disposable gloves to prevent them from getting their hands dirty and then touching their clothing.


e.  Delimit the work area: If possible, delimit a specific area for creative activities to better control any mess and prevent stains from reaching other parts of the house.

f.    Use of suitable materials: Choose materials and paints that are easy to clean and washable. This will make it easier to remove any accidental stains from clothing.

g.    Immediate cleanup: If an accident occurs and clothing becomes stained, it is important to act quickly. Wash the garment as soon as possible or treat the stain with specific products for stain removal.

girl with charanga clothes

It is important that from an early age they begin to develop their creative skills so that they can discover if they like this type of activities, at the same time parents should encourage the teaching to be responsible and careful during these activities so that little by little they begin to learn to handle the materials with caution and learn about the function of each of the materials needed for the crafts.

These craft ideas should be made with natural materials to create unique and sustainable crafts and that children begin to learn from an early age to take care of the environment.


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