Consejos para cuidar a tu bebé este verano

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The first summer with your baby is here, a time for fun and adventure, but it can also present challenges when you have your first child. present challenges when you have your first child. Sun exposure, heat, the need to keep your little one cool can be major concerns. Today on our blog we give you recommendations to help you enjoy the summer with your baby.


Hydration: Offer them liquids more often!

Temperatures are rising and you need to pay special attention to stay hydrated. The babies are more susceptible to dehydration due to their lower ability to regulate their body temperature. During the summer months, give them liquids frequently, this can be breast milk, formula or water, if you have already started drinking it.

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Adequate sun protection

Babies' skin is extremely sensitive to the sun so it is very important to keep your baby away from direct sun exposure. When you go outdoors, you can't forget your baby's sunscreen, which should be designed specifically for babies, with a high sun protection factor and safe for their skin. and safe for their skin.

Light and comfortable clothing

Your clothes should be light and of course breathable (natural fabrics such as cotton are preferable to synthetics). preferable to synthetics). Light colors are preferable and clothing should be loose fitting for comfort. clothing should be loose-fitting to make them feel more comfortable. It is also essential to cover your child's head with a hat or a cap whenever you go for a walk, as for example this outfit from Charanga which is a hat and a dungarees perfect for this summer, you should also carry an umbrella or a hood in the stroller.

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Shade, always

Yes, it is best for babies to be in the shade, especially if we go to the countryside, fishpond or beach. The best times to be with them in these places are in the early morning or late afternoon, but never in the strongest hours of the sun.


Sudamen What is it?

Sudamen is a rash that appears on the skin of babies due to the obstruction of the sweat glands and sweat retention. In order to avoid it, it is necessary to avoid the use of synthetic clothes and promote natural fibers. In addition to daily use of sunscreen to avoid UV radiation damage.

As you can see, the way to take care of your baby in summer is quite simple, just follow our advice. Make the most of this summer with your baby by paying attention to these recommendations.


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