Children's creativity

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Develops children's creativity

Encouraging creativity in children is fundamental to their education. It is a valuable ability that allows them to imagine, express and transform reality. Having the ability to imagine without limits and to be able to express it in some way brings with it millions of benefits for the future of children.

Here are some tips on how to encourage creativity in children.

Tips for fostering creativity in children

The development of creativity in children is a great source of benefits and the constitution of the most important pillars of their personality. For this reason, it is important to encourage this skill from an early age.

Keep reading and discover the most useful tips to encourage your children's creativity!

Consejos para fomentar la creatividad en los niños

Open play

Creativity is part of one's character and personality. Therefore, it is important that your child has the freedom to express themselves naturally and, above all, to find an activity to express their creativity.

It is about exploring and finding what they are passionate about and what motivates them to use their imagination. With free play we allow our children to discover and discover what they like most and in this way we get their creativity to soar.

El juego libre


Self-esteem is a fundamental value to work on from an early age. It is important for children to have confidence in their ideas from an early age so that they can put them into practice with enthusiasm. To do this, you can ask them for their opinion on everyday issues and take it into account. In this way we show that their ideas are important and valuable.

La autoestima


Imagination is a fundamental tool for the development of personality. From an early age it is important to encourage its growth as it is directly linked to the capacity for learning and creativity.

This term is part of the daily life of the youngest children. Their games, stories and conversations always include this factor. Children's way of seeing reality is accompanied by fantasy and imagination and it is important that they are able to express it and encourage their creative thinking.

La imaginación

Activities that foster creativity

Here are some activities that allow your children to express their creativity.Actividades que fomentan la creatividad

Drawing and painting

It consists of capturing their creativity on paper. Everything in their imagination can be drawn on paper or canvas. And who knows, maybe you have a little Picasso at home.

Dibujar y pintar


Another activity to encourage creativity in children is to encourage them to write. Give them the possibility to tell the stories they have in their heads. In addition, you not only work on their creativity, but also develop their written communication skills.


Interactive games

Children tend to see everything as a game. There is a fun side to everything. That's why interactive games are a great way to encourage your children's creativity. Games where they have to use their imagination and creative thinking.

Juegos interactivos


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